Organising My Children’s Spiritual Training


Friend, do you know that right under your roof, right beneath your nose, those little pitter patters have been entrusted to your dear care for the raising of a powerful next generation? I know it’s hard to believe, when all day you seem to just be wiping noses and breaking up fights, but believe me when I say, one of the best things about being a parent is the ability to take charge and direct your children’s spiritual training! 

well, the word of God is likened to the seeds that the Farmer sows….and depending on the conditions of the soil, those seedlings can either produce aplenty or nothing at all… We as parents have the all most important role of training the condition of our childrens’ hearts – and their ability to receive the Word that can grow them in their salvation!

I know i know, it’s mammoth! But over here on this page, in God’s grace and timing, we’d really like to share a little about the following topics (something that we are continuously learning and trying to be better at: 

Building the Habit of Family Devotions

Developing Our Children’s Spiritual Identity

Explaining the gospel message to kids

Foundation Truths for Kids

Apologetics for Kids

so the vision’s there and the scope is large and the resources plentiful…please pray and partner with us in getting this page up!