Organising My Children’s Moral Training

one of the biggest focus for our family this year is on developing a workable system for our children’s moral and character training…y’know, stuff like, what character training is, how do you do it as a busy mum/dad, how do you build family identity, how do you make sure those children grow up loving (and not warring on!!) each other, what kind of read-aloud stories to build upon as a family, how do you foster a life of community for your family, how to teach self control, what does obedience really mean, how to administer discipline and consequences, and what are some activities you can do, day in and out, with your preschooler, that doesn’t drive you broke and bonker!

…so thank you again for comin to visit, though our home may not be all that slick and professional, you can be rest assured that every word’s penned down’s been prayed ov’r!