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How to Character-Train Your Children on The Really Impossible Days!

James Dobson said it right, "babies come into the world with no instructions, and you pretty much assemble them on your own...they are maddeningly complex and there are no guaranteed formulas. Even the most intelligent professionals are struggling with their child rearing responsibilities at home..."

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Top Picks – Home Activities to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

Yeah, so this one woman's been busy... Busy learning, busy reading, busy studying... Busy gazing into the souls of her children, and then...onto the children of this generation,  Happily preoccupied, wondrously fixated, joyously enthralled... She's humbly reading into her own soul, then lifting her eyes up to heaven's  call, Inspired, her soul's enlarging... The bliss of heaven's snow falling on a… Continue reading Top Picks – Home Activities to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

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Teaching Children HOPE

As our family reflected on the months gone past, one major theme keeps coming up, the theme of HOPE. When we see many heart-breaking tragedies in the world we live in, it is easy to feel all grim and fearful about the future. Yet on the waters of our sorrow, God commands us not to be anxious, but to let… Continue reading Teaching Children HOPE


Shepherding Your Child’s Heart Through Disappointments

Life has a way to teach us the meaning of disappointments, and that undoubtedly, very early on to our children! Over the last few months we have been learning with our children how to deal with the nasty feelings of disappointments, hurts and rejections and how to trust God through it all. In the process, we are learning what it means… Continue reading Shepherding Your Child’s Heart Through Disappointments

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Gratitude – the Key to a Joyful Home Making

Home management and parenting young children can be really challenging, especially when coupled with sleep deprivation and emotional weariness. The constant stream of activities...the seemingly never stopping, always busy kinda life...the unending cycle of just daily chores for a sustainable life: meals-dishes-laundry, let alone deep spring cleaning and tackling major renovations... these alone can drive any sober-minded woman… Continue reading Gratitude – the Key to a Joyful Home Making

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Simple Home-made Toys for Training the Pretoddler

I have been pretty intentional about teaching my 17 month-old pre-toddler in the area of high chair and mat time training. Many children at this age does not yet have the imagination or creativity to play by themselves, and neither are they patient or focussed enough to stay put and remain where we would like them to be for an extended period… Continue reading Simple Home-made Toys for Training the Pretoddler


Ziplock Character Training Bag

In Growing Kids God's Way we have been learning on the importance of character training in the home. As parents, we have the most important responsibility in teaching the standard of right and wrong and transcribing this moral code into the trainable part of the child's conscience, strengthening and elevating their heart towards biblical virtues. We… Continue reading Ziplock Character Training Bag