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Top Picks – Home Activities to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

Yeah, so this one woman's been busy... Busy learning, busy reading, busy studying... Busy gazing into the souls of her children, and then...onto the children of this generation,  Happily preoccupied, wondrously fixated, joyously enthralled... She's humbly reading into her own soul, then lifting her eyes up to heaven's  call, Inspired, her soul's enlarging... The bliss of heaven's snow falling on a… Continue reading Top Picks – Home Activities to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

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Simple Home-made Toys for Training the Pretoddler

I have been pretty intentional about teaching my 17 month-old pre-toddler in the area of high chair and mat time training. Many children at this age does not yet have the imagination or creativity to play by themselves, and neither are they patient or focussed enough to stay put and remain where we would like them to be for an extended period… Continue reading Simple Home-made Toys for Training the Pretoddler

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Table Time Activities

Training children for table time is something that I have been consciously incorporating into our daily routine in the past one year. Table time training is basically teaching your child to stay put and sit in his or her designated chair with an activity at hand to accomplish. Table play is also a wonderful time to engage… Continue reading Table Time Activities


Animal Farm Sensory Box

Today I had the fun of watching my son create and recreate an animal farm according to his imagination. This sensory box is too simple to make! A fruit and veg box from the market, synthetic grass as base, farm animals, marbles and pebbles. A sensory box is a wonderful mat time play idea to train concentration… Continue reading Animal Farm Sensory Box


Task Persistence Training

Meet my handsome preschooler 🙂 This little man is most charming in character... cute at his age... loud and cheeky at the same time... My husband and I often wonder where he gets these streaks from... One of my goals is to train my little man to focus on his task at hand and lengthen his concentration… Continue reading Task Persistence Training