Top Picks – Home Activities to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

Yeah, so this one woman's been busy... Busy learning, busy reading, busy studying... Busy gazing into the souls of her children, and then...onto the children of this generation,  Happily preoccupied, wondrously fixated, joyously enthralled... She's humbly reading into her own soul, then lifting her eyes up to heaven's  call, Inspired, her soul's enlarging... The bliss of heaven's snow falling on a … Continue reading Top Picks – Home Activities to Keep Them Engaged and Learning

Easter Sensory Box

I have been so excited to introduce many new and different activities to my children to celebrate the coming of Easter. One of the many activities the children do is creating an Easter Sensory Box. It was only a year ago that I learn the importance of introducing children to sensory play. I first noticed how my children are often reluctant to … Continue reading Easter Sensory Box

Teaching Money and Stewardship

We have recently flown overseas to be with friends and families over the long summer break. It was a much looked-forward to, and much talked-about holiday, and we wanted the experience to be a special and cherished one for our little ones. We wanted to ensure that they would be keeping up with some school work over the … Continue reading Teaching Money and Stewardship

Nativity Play Sensory Box

As part of our little Christmas tradition we purchased a new wooden nativity set which I placed in a box to be pulled out for sensory mat time play. I put a synthetic grass base and fill the box with foams that make for a wonderful nativity scene. When the children have finished playing and setting up the stage, … Continue reading Nativity Play Sensory Box