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Easter Sensory Play for the Pretoddler

This is just a super quick post on introducing my pre-toddler to new sensory play activities around the Easter theme. While the rest of the family have been busy getting ready for Easter, Little Missy is also being trained to play on the mat contentedly with Mum's chosen activity. We begun with an Easter Sensory Box… Continue reading Easter Sensory Play for the Pretoddler

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Simple Home-made Toys for Training the Pretoddler

I have been pretty intentional about teaching my 17 month-old pre-toddler in the area of high chair and mat time training. Many children at this age does not yet have the imagination or creativity to play by themselves, and neither are they patient or focussed enough to stay put and remain where we would like them to be for an extended period… Continue reading Simple Home-made Toys for Training the Pretoddler

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Training Goals for the Pre-toddler

Meet my cute little honey pie 🙂 She turned ONE just a couple of weeks ago and she is officially a pre-toddler now! This is an interesting season of life as she is no longer a baby but not quite a toddler. She has achieved so many developmental milestones in the past 1 year and will be… Continue reading Training Goals for the Pre-toddler